Drawing inspiration from Batik and Muslim fashion, Danadi presents a batik line that values modesty highly. Beautiful materials are adorned with embroidery and sequins to create a stylishly feminine look.


Elegant Combination

Moslem wear has become a necessity for many Indonesian men and women. By combining various models of moslem wear that fit with the modesty principles and the beauty of traditional batik, batik Danar hadi presents Danadi to fulfill the need.


Ornamental Beauty

Moslem wear is identical with its ornamental characteristics, such as embroidery, sequins, and beads. Designed by the experienced Batik Danar Hadi in-house designers, Danadi perfectly integrates batik with those unique ornaments so the results still retain their simple and effortless image. Some of the best quality fabrics used are chiffon, satin, cotton, and crepe.

Complete Collection

There are so many elements needed to create a fashionable moslem wear look that still abide to the modesty guidelines. Therefore, Danadi also provide additional fashion items to complete the look, such as sequined head covers, long sleeved blouses, robes, cuffs, sarong, prayer rugs, and plenty of other beautiful accessories.