Various bright colors palette with modern and fresh design, Days by Danar Hadi is a line of batik that is specially created for the energized youthful spirit.



Celebrating Diversity

DAYS is about experimentation and expression of young spirit using batik as a medium. Danar Hadi understands that self-expression is important and everyone has an opinion of their own. Being different is good. Being your unique self is a must.


Batik for Young People

Batik is a way of life, is a passion, a statement of a whole nation. DAYS by Danar Hadi wants to celebrate life with all its glory with batik designated for the young people.


Fashionably Different

The clothes in DAYS collection are unique, and colorful. They are for people who dare to look different and still promote batik as Indonesia’s national treasure. The fabric is comfortable and made of print and stamped technique.



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