Danar by Danar Hadi

The most lavish creation from Danar Hadi. Using only the finest silk and satin, Danar brings elegance to a whole new level. The design is a collaboration of Danar Hadi in-house designers with award-winning Indonesian designers, so every piece is a beautifully made masterpiece.


Classy Ladies Fashion

Danar by Danar Hadi is a collection of ready to wear high end batik dresses made especially for the classy ladies with fine taste in fashion.


Quality is Our Priority

By putting quality first in every aspect of the making, every piece of batik in Danar by Danar Hadi is made within approximately 3 months with hand-drawn technique by experienced batik artisans.

Elegant and Fashionable

The beautiful and elegant motif in every collection of Danar by Danar Hadi is specially designed by the founder of Danar Hadi himself, Santosa Doellah, in collaboration with Indonesia’s famous designers.