Kusuma Hadi Santosa is the first spinning factory established by Danar Hadi to meet the needs for mori cloths. Established in 1981, PT Kusumahadi Santosa is located in Solo, Central Java, close to Danar Hadi’s home base. In addition to its weaving abilities, PT Kusuma Hadi Santosa also has in-house design capabilities and is able to work with customers to custom-design the look desired for their end products.
PT. Kusuma Putri Santosa
Originally established as part of the Danar Hadi garment creation process, PT Kusuma Putri Santosa was officially spun off as an independent entity in 1995. This specialty garment factory handles the bulk of Danar Hadi garment production. It also handles outside orders, many from overseas customers who require good quality control as well as swift and reliable production.
PT. Kusuma Putra Santosa
Founded in 1990, this company is an integrated spinning enterprise which supplies the thread for Danar Hadi’s textiles as well as for other companies. It has hightech machinery and it runs under stringent quality control. PT Kusuma Putra Santoso manufactures good-quality thread that is consistent with the specifications of customers. The factory is able to produce a variety of thread sizes, color blends and compositions, depending on customer requirements.
Cottons are spun into yarns, which turn into cloths. These are the daily process at PT Pamor, Danar Hadi’s newest factory. In order to respond market demand of textile industry and further development of its integrated service, Pamor Spinning Mills is designed to be able to produce high quality yarns with effective production cost.


Danar Hadi in cooperation with Tauzia Management developed POP! HOTEL Tebet in the area that we call Danar Hadi Square in Tebet, South Jakarta. POP! Hotel Tebet offers cheerful, good value accommodations for smart and eco-friendly guests looking for a good night’s sleep. POP! HOTEL Tebet caters to a younger generation of travelers who know what they want and appreciate a hotel that reflects their own style, budget, and values. It is the perfect choice for smart modern travellers.
Dinasty Smart Hotel stands on a cozy corner of Solo. Dinasty Smart Hotel embodies the finest of traditional Java hospitality. This minimalist elite hotel is one of a kind. In Dinasty Smart Hotel guests discover an appreciation for culture, gastronomy, and the pleasures of nature, which is why generations of guests return year after year to this warm & friendly hotel.
A luxury city residence in the very center of South Jakarta. Sampit Residence uniquely blends the best of Indonesian heritage with modern and contemporary architecture. The design is beautiful and functional, fitted-out with the latest technology. A range of room types and sizes are available, depending on guests’ requirements. With its superb location close to excellent dining and entertainment facilities, Sampit Residence is the place to be in South Jakarta for a higher level of living.


Jawi Antik
Established in 1998, Jawi Antik produces high quality reproductions of antique furniture including rare collector items. The goal is to preserve the existence of such historic pieces and make them available for customers to enjoy both domestically and overseas. The name itself, Jawi Antik, is derived from the Javanese words for ‘Java’ and ‘antique’. Backed by Danar Hadi’s extensive knowledge of Javanese culture and tradition, Jawi Antik has become a name to trust for quality, tastefulness and reliability


SOGA serves both Solo traditional food and also traditional food from other regions in Indonesia. The customers can enjoy a delicious assortment of traditional drinks accompanied by live piano performances. Located in the complex of House of Danar Hadi, SOGA Restaurant & Lounge has warm ambiance that makes anyone feel comfortable to be in. With a blend of Dutch colonial architecture and classic Javanese touch, beautiful interior, and delicious food, SOGA presents unforgettable dining experience.