Batik Danar Hadi was founded in 1967. Like most family run businesses, which are a mixture of legacy and birth right, Danar Hadi started as a small home industry at that time, which took plenty of hard work and smart business planning. Both of its founders, Santosa Doellah and his wife, Danarsih Hadipriyono, are the descendants of entrepreneurs in batik field. Santosa Doellah’s grandfather, R. H. Wongsodinomo, was the founder and owner of a Batik business in Laweyan, Solo, Central Java and a pioneer of the Batikbond batik-maker association which fought many unfair practices imposed by the Dutch colonial government. A son of a medical doctor himself, Santosa Doellah was raised by his grandparents, it was not uncommon at that time. Spending his childhood playing around his grandparents’ batik workshop, his love for batik flourished early and came naturally.

After pursuing a degree in economy, in 1967, Santosa Doellah married Danarsih Hadipriyono, the daughter of another successful batik artisan and producer, H. Hadipriyono. They both started the company named Danar Hadi, which was named after parts of the name of Santosa Doellah’s wife, Danarsih Hadipriyono. Using their wedding gift in a form of mori, tight woven cotton used in batik making, the couple turned their house into an office and workshop, later adding a shop. They worked at home while raising their four children. Santosa’s strength lays in batik design and Danarsih is more apt in garment design.

In 1975, the couple opened a small shop in Jakarta. Later Danar Hadi shop expanded to other big cities in Indonesia such as Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Semarang. Danar Hadi often collaborated together with famous Indonesian designers to create new and fresh collections. Five decades later, supported by an expert team and end-to-end coverage of the Batik business from production to retail distribution, Danar Hadi became one of the most renowned batik brands in Indonesia. Now, Danar Hadi is more ready than ever to face the future’s challenge while staying true to its traditional roots and preserving Indonesia’s proudest cultural heritage.


We Are Ready To Serve You

Danar Hadi is so much more than just a company that produces batik. Danar Hadi also provides other line of services that help to support and promote Danar Hadi as a one stop solution for every Batik-related need.
Danar Hadi has a long history and experience in producing high quality batik for all occasions. Some of their most popular brands are Danar Hadi, Danar by Danar Hadi Days by Danar Hadi and Danar Hadi for Kids. Our retail products can be readily found through various different channels: our own stores, renowned online marketplaces as well as department stores.
Special Order
Danar Hadi accepts custom orders, be it small personal request or large corporate orders. Our experienced designers, skilled labor force, and advanced manufacturing facilities will assist the clients in fulfilling their visions.
Danar Hadi owns a lively and growing export business. With North America as the primary destination, we also serve other countries around the world such as the countries in Asia Europe as a thriving and expanding market.
Danar Hadi operates the House of Danar Hadi, a batik cultural preservation center museum complex and convention center, which is open to public in their hometown of Solo, Central Java.

The Story of Batik

There is not just one single method in the proses of batik-making. These traditional methods are used to make high quality batik. Let’s find out!

Batik has many faces. The more modern looking batik that still has a traditional side in its artistic presentation keeps receiving more love from batik enthusiasts. Batik is able to face the challenge time brings and becomes even more present in the last several decades. Therefore, Danar Hadi is always consistent in creating exclusive batik that can be worn by people from every groups and ages. Its design with unlimited creativity is made by skilled workers and that pay attention to every detail in each of their work. Danar Hadi always presents designs that combine Indonesia’s intangible heritage and the ever growing modern trend.


House of Danar Hadi


Situated in the historic Ndalem Wuryaningratan compound--once the home of a Javanese princely family--in Danar Hadi's home town of Solo, The House of Danar Hadi is testament to Danar Hadi's unwavering commitment to preserve and disseminate the history and art of Batik for the general public. This vast cultural compound, which opened in 2008 has received numerous accolades and is regularly rated as the top destination in the city of Solo, Central Java. The highlight of the complex is a museum which contains more than 700 curated pieces out of the 10,000 pieces of batik in the collection of Danar Hadi's founder, each coming from different cultural influences and time periods such as Chinese, Indian, Dutch, as well as from various regions throughout Indonesia.

Once inside visitors will receive a comprehensive guided tour from the museum's expert guide, who will explain the thematic history and significance of the various pieces. Towards the end of the guided tour visitors can also witness a live demonstration of the batik making process, and afterwards indulge themselves with Solonese cuisine in Soga, a restaurant serving traditional Javanese and Western fares, or browse and shop for various different varieties of batik and souvenirs in the vast Danar Hadi store located adjacent to the museum.

At the center of the compound is the remarkable and historic Ndalem Wuryaningratan mansion. Built in the late 19th century by Prince Sosrodiningrat IV, chief minister to the 9th King of Solo for his son Prince Wuryaningrat, its architecture is a hybrid of Javanese-European tropical style.

After painstaking restoration led by Mr Santosa Doellah, Danar Hadi's founder himself, now the mansion has opened its doors for those who wish to host special events such as weddings, meetings & conventions in the heart of the City of Solo. With an adjoining meeting hall named Sasana Mangunsuka with a total capacity of more than 500 people, and supported by its own banqueting & catering facilities as well as cultural programming, our team will help you realize your memorable event right in the middle of the historic cultural setting of Solo.



As part of its commitment to preserve and disseminate the art of batik to the public, Danar Hadi has published several books regarding the history, provenance and different styles of batik. The books are readily available to be purchased throughout major reputable bookchains in Indonesia and abroad.
Batik Pengaruh Jaman dan Lingkungan
The Glory of Batik
Perjalanan 50 Tahun Batik Danar Hadi
Danar Hadi Tribute Jawa Dwipa


In the span of its 50 years journey, Danar Hadi has received many awards, locally and internationally, as a fruit of consistency, work and love towards batik and its conservation.

Danar Hadi Groups

The Danar Hadi Group portfolio of vertically-integrated companies allow us to maintain full control of our manufacturing as well as retail operations from upstream to downstream. Outside the Textile/Batik business we also maintain businesses in furniture as well as hospitality.

Perjalanan 50 Tahun Batik Danar Hadi