Although the primary line of batik Danar Hadi is fashion, Danar Hadi also produce items made with high quality batik that will complete and make the interior of your office and home even more classy.


A Touch of Batik in Every Corner

In designing the interior of a room, there are many elements that need to be considered. The choice of furniture and baubles to be placed in the room become important in order to add the appeal and homey atmosphere. Whatever the interior style is, the touch of batik in every corner strengthens the Indonesian identity, gives an ethnic image, and adds more finesse to the room.


Beautiful Baubles

Danar hadi provides various interior items that are both beautiful and functional to complement the beauty of the rooms in your home and office. Many shades of batik colors are featured in the range of Danar hadi Household collection, from nature’s colors that give a warm feeling to contemporary colors that add modern touch.