Why Join With Us?

PT Batik Hadi as one of the major batik companies in Indonesia, which always emphasizes the importance of quality and expertise, has paved itself a bright future in batik industry. It is all supported by the company’s philosophy that is deeply rooted in traditional art, complemented by facilities, experience, and skilled business management.

Danar Hadi has a strong commitment to continuously develop Indonesia’s batik industry and penetrate international market by collaborating with its business partners. Adhering to Danar Hadi’s main idea to contribute something valuable to the art of traditional batik, Batik Danar Hadi’s product development is consistently multidimensional.

Danar Hadi is very open to various cultures and paradigms. Danar Hadi always gives priority to organizational and personal learning process. It will result in sustainable improvement on the ongoing shifts that will lead to new innovations and approaches.


Be a part of what comes next.