DH Kids

Plant the love for Batik early in the childhood. It is essential to make batik fun for kids to love wearing it. DH Kids makes Batik for children that are comfortable and playfully stylish.


Bright and Cheerful Days of Childhood

Childhood days are the most wonderful days filled with fun and joy. DH Kids represents it in a ready to wear collection for kids that are not only cheerful to look at, but also very comfortable to be worn by the little ones.


Fun Colors

Children love to explore and they are stimulated by bright colors. DH Kids collection which is designated for girls and boys between the age 4-12 years old features many mismatched colors that are delightful and pleasing to look at.

Comfortable and Stylish

Comfort is the main factor in choosing children’s clothes. The right fabric with great quality that absorbs sweat is very important to be used. DH Kids collection comes in a variety of cotton fabrics such as voile, dobby, and shantung with print and stamped technique that has lighter motifs and simpler stylish models which kids love.