DH Kids

Nurture the love for Batik early in the childhood. To make batik look fun for kids and comfortable to be worn, DH Kids presents Batik for children that are comfortable and stylish for their respective age.


Bright and Cheerful Batik for Kids

DH Kids has a ready to wear batik collection specially made you’re your little ones. With interesting and playful pattern, every batik in DH Kids collection features cheerful clothing with bright color combination.



DH Kids collection is made for boys and girls from 4 to 12 years old. It incorporates various color clash designs that represent the colorful children’s world.

danar hadi black label

Comfortable and Stylish

Comfort is the main factor in choosing children’s clothes. Active children who have plenty of activities need clothes made with high quality materials that do not restrain their movements. Not only it is comfortable, DH Kids collection also make the children look more stylish.